Family holding the keys to their new home

Why Buy New?

If you have decided you’re going to buy a home, you should be excited. There are lots of important decisions to make, possibly some uncertainty, but even more to be excited about. One of your first decisions will be buying a new home vs. buying resale. As a new home builder in North Carolina, Bill Clark Homes is well-versed in the advantages of buying a new home compared to a used one. 

Is Resale Actually Cheaper?

A resale home will usually come cheaper than a new home. That is, the listed price of a used home will be lower than a new one. But buying a home is not a one time purchase where you swipe your card and move on. You pay your mortgage and your bills every month, plus a potential laundry list of other expenses. A resale home may appear cheaper at first, but are you getting your money’s worth every month?

The price of a house is easy to understand and simple to calculate. Just check the price tag. It’s the price of purchasing the house, and nothing else. The price is the biggest single expense, but it’s still just one facet of the overall cost of ownership. 

Your Home Is an Investment

The total cost of ownership is what makes buying a new home a better, more reliable investment in the long run. A resale home can have a number of costs besides the price of the house, both expected and unexpected. 

If you buy a resale home, you’ll have to foot the bill for any changes you want to make, or anything that goes wrong. Are you happy with the flooring? In a resale home, you’ll have to replace that yourself. If you want new appliances, you have to buy them. If you opt to stick with the old appliances, then you run the risk of them breaking down. Replacing a washer or dryer is one thing, but replacing a hot water heater is another. What about replacing a roof? All of these things have expiration dates, and they can become even more costly if they’re neglected. 

Home Warranty Protection

When you buy a new home, you’re getting all new appliances, flooring, roof, etc. Not only can you be confident that these components of your home will last for decades, but in the case of flukes where something does go wrong, you’ll be protected by warranty. For a full year after you buy a home from Bill Clark Homes, we’ll guarantee you a quality home free of defects. In your new home, your roof and water heater will be set for decades. You’ll be able to choose the flooring that you want the first time. Conversely, if you buy resale and your AC goes out a week after you move in, you’ll be left to cover that on your own.

You also save money on monthly bills by buying new. If two houses are the same size, but one was built 10 years ago, the new home will be much more energy-efficient. Not only does a house take some serious wear over the years, but construction technology is constantly evolving, improving the standards for new homes.

When you think about true cost rather than the surface-level price, a new home is an unrivaled investment, especially if you plan to stay there for a long time. Your new home will maintain its value better as well if you buy new. Find your new home in North Carolina with Bill Clark Homes. Contact us to make an appointment and check out where we build.


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