How to Keep Your Grass Green – Summer Edition

Looking to keep your yard the greenest green and in tip top shape?!? Here are some maintenance tips from the pros to ensure your neighbors will be “green with envy” over your landscaping!

**Mow high and mow regularly – set your mower on a higher setting that leaves your grass around 3 inches tall (taller grass will protect the roots, thus making your grass stronger)

**Water deeply and consistently – watering deeply once or twice a week (approx. an inch & a half per week) rather than shallowly or just a little every day will help keep your lawn green. Most irrigation systems can be programmed accordingly.

**Water early in the day – it allows the grass to dry out during the day which will help prevent fungal growth.

**Repair your pet’s “favorite” spots – they are essentially “over fertilizing” your yard. There are products on the market that are designed to neutralize pet waste spots in your yard and are effective within a few days.

**Fertilize your yard – every plant needs nutrients and feeding your grass will help keep it green. Most landscapers offer fertilizing services and of course you can DIY your lawn care with a little help from your local home improvement store.

Of course, in all areas, the maintenance specifics will vary based on the species of grass installed, weather conditions, and any water restrictions that may be in place. Here’s to wishing you a happy mowing season!!




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